I am gay and religion is hurting me

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When people say being gay is a choice, I ask why anyone would *choose* to be gay in an Islamic country. It would be nuts.


You are 18. All you can do for now is endure. But you need to work hard for your freedom. Study hard, work hard, build a career -all so you can leave and move to a country where you can be who you are. Best of luck!


Can’t wait until religion is eradicated. It’s pure cancer. But the wheels are in motion. Before you know it half and half will be religious and atheists.


Its funny that they would think it’s a mental disease and still be so awful to people who “have it”.


> The christians are also hypocrites with their “hate the sin, love the sinner” crap, they apparently love me but hate everything about me at the same time and it’s really confusing, and also hurts. It’s not confusing, they’re just less honest than your Islamic “friends”. That’s just the thing they say so that they can tell themselves they’re not homophobic bigots. > I am 18 years old and still I don’t know any friends who I am comfortable sharing the fact that I am gay with and I don’t feel close with anyone I’m sorry you have to deal with that. I’d suggest maybe wandering to /r/exmuslim to see if people there have some suggestions on how to live a better life. If you can, get out of your country. Countries like Sweden don’t care if you’re gay, so long as you work or study here.