I don’t understand how anyone can see the Christian god as anything but evil

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I feel like the concept of a merciful God is a bit of a cultural artifact. Imagine a world where slavery is common, there is no Geneva convention or human rights, there is no workers union or pensions. In such as world your right reaches only as far as your sword. By the standard of iron age Europe / middle east, even the most vile dictator of 21th century is probably just an average warlord or king. The Abrahamic God is merciful by the standard of that time, not today’s standards. As time has progressed though, these religions need to spread their message, and they obviously can’t get too much of an audience by emphasizing the cruel punishing aspect of God, so instead mercy and love is repeated, which creates this odd situation in which a God we have been told is merciful, by the scripture obviously isn’t.


How can the floods killings even be justified? Even in a 100% fully evil population there must’ve been like actual babies that God drowned? Not like killing evil people is justified in the first place The entire Bible, God is a Lovecraftian monster with zero regard for human life because they are just like ants in a science project for him


The character comes off as an abusive husband/father.


The problem with Christianity is that so many Christians worship Jesus as an idol sand that’s not the point of the story. They think Jesus saves them from God, but he never said that. He just gave instructions to avoid being crucified themselves. Growing up Christian, i used to have a rather idolatrous view of God. After years of atheism, I came to understand the word God as just everything that exists or collective consciousness. The problem with how Christians view God stems from selling the marketing rights to the Messiah to Constantinople where the story took a very murderous turn.


Even if God was proven to exist I certainly wouldn’t be worshipping a mass murder with delusions of grandeur even if God would kill me for that belief