If a person has silicone implants and they die, their implants will eventually be sitting on top of their skeleton in the grave.

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I have titanium screws in my back and have wondered what happens to them if I am cremated. Like, does that metal get recycled and then wind up as a golf club or something?


10,000 years from now, archeologists will be wondering exactly what the ritual significance was of burying women with bags of silicone or saline.


Silicone structures (including medical ones) have a very real lifetime of their own. Ten to twenty years seems to be the standard answer. In many cases, implants wear out before the person does, and need to be removed and/or replaced. At best, they’ll decompose with the rest of the body.


Ah so we’re not going to cremate them, good… cremated silicon probably releases all types of nasty fumes


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