If Diagon Alley had a sex shop, what kind of items would you find?

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Polyjuice potions of celebrities


Living naughty playing cards. Localized enlargement charms, stamina potions. Living ropes that you can command to tie you up in all sorts of ways and tighten when you want them to.


Portkey glory hole. Stick your crank in, who knows what or where your jimmy gets sucked.


Clearly a strap-on where the woman wearing it can feel everything.


Discreet adult toy storage: boxes or bags with an undetectable extension charm, vibrators with a button/switch that turns them invisible or into mundane household objects, etc. Can’t forget the bachelor/ette party supplies, too! Candy penises (they’re gummy, but if you rub them, they solidify. Rub them long enough, they squirt firewhisky), blow-up dolls enchanted to look like the witch or wizard of your choice, joke lingerie (turns into antique dress robes after ten minutes of wear). Fred and George definitely had a back room of this stuff at WWW.