If Not Overturned, a Bad Copyright Decision Will Lead Many Americans to Lose Internet Access

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> In a hearing on Cox’s earlier infringement case in 2015, he called concerns about losing access “completely hysterical,” and compared them to “my son complaining when I took his electronics away when he watched YouTube videos instead of doing homework.” “These damn kids and their internet, why don’t they just go outside” – this judge, probably. It’s concerning that we can go through a pandemic that forced the majority of our lives online, and still not treat internet access as a utility when it has been entirely necessary for the past year.


Internet access is a right to work and commerce.


The most worrying bit (at least for most people) is not that some copyright violators might get their internet cut, but under this judge’s reasoning all ISPs will pretty much be forced to closely monitor everyone’s internet use to look for those copyright violations (and presumably any other naughty behavior). I think that really should have been the lede if they wanted to draw attention to this court case.


Even my old-timey conservative dad gets that the internet is a fucking utility and should be priced and regulated and left open as a utility. In his words, “It’s the key to getting literally anything done in the 21st century for everyone, it’s not fucking HBO or ESPN, stop treating it like it’s not a utility”


The copyright system is already broken enough…