If your pet could post here asking for advice, what would the titles of their posts be?

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My (7f) human (17f) won’t let me go outside in the middle of the night, claiming that coyotes and owls will eat me. However, I have never once been eaten by either a coyote or an owl, so I find this claim ridiculous. How can I make her see my point of view? AITA for screaming at three am because I wanted in a room I was just let out of? Cats of reddit, do you determine nap spots by choosing the place your human will want to sit in five minutes, or by how visible the fur you shed will be on that furniture? TIFU by eating food I know makes me throw up, and then throwing up.


I haven’t been fed for 10 minutes???? Am I going to starve to death?


“My owner bodyshames me and has reduced my portions to account for a healthier weight. How do I grow thumbs with which to carve a shiv?”


Animals of Reddit. Why does my human insist I pee outside.


Why does my human spend so much time away from our house, are they seeing a different pet?