I’m still appalled at the wasted energy I spent learning catholic doctrine.

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If it makes you feel better, you yourself wasted only a few years on it. Thing of the millions of people who have wasted billions of hours on it for the past 2000 years.


I watched a British documentary about obsessive compulsive disorder. Three sufferers were taken out of their homes and placed in a therapeutic environment which helped to break the behaviors that controlled their lives. Discussing the therapy, one man became overwhelmed. When asked by the doctor what he was thinking he said “I’ve lost so much time.” But better to recognize it and move on than to spend your whole life believing a lie like so many people do.


I’m in my 50’s grew up on catholicism and have been solid atheist for about a decade. Try not to think of it as a total loss. Catholics have an OG vibe and when they rebel, they go full on. The saints are a mix of chaotic good and lawful evil. The mass is powerful ritual theater. If you strip away the ‘man in the sky’ bullshit you have the charisma of a Marvel character.


This is my main complaint about religions. If the time and effort that has been put into religion was applied to science, we would probably have a cure for cancer by now. Instead, we have magnificent buildings where we can go to sing and talk to ourselves, asking for help that’s never going to happen.


Consider it deep diving into mythology that you’re no longer bound to.