In India, 3,000 doctors just resigned after a court tried to block them from striking

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This definitely isn’t what the country needs right now but with the way that the country treats its doctors, I’m not surprised. There’s a reason why it’s common for them to emigrate.


Good. And I better not see any of you blaming them. It’s the Indian government’s fault for trying to exploit doctors, not the doctors’ fault for refusing to be exploited. The sooner they get fair conditions the sooner they can get back to handling the pandemic. They’re not the greedy ones here – the politicians trying to steal their fair pay are the greedy ones.


I just….I came from a 12 hour duty , getting abused( very common by patients attendant), you can’t even abuse back because they will bring a whole mob.Its mental torture seeing news like this.I deleted instagram and twitter because our own countrymen hate us.Its just vile working here.I have lost all my will to save people, now it’s just do your job, don’t try to be too helpful, don’t go near critical cases ( almost half dead patients will be brought and we are trying , godammit we are trying but you bring someone at a very critical stage, there’s a limit to what we can do). I know good people from my batch, people who worked with NGOs and went to village and slum , they are down right terrified to continue doing the work. It’s saddening and horrific.


“India is the world’s largest democracy!” *India makes it illegal for doctors to strike.* “Ah, well, nonetheless.”


i hear pm modi praise the “front line workers” almost everyday and yet he keeps them under such poor conditions, indian courts are straight up bs