Japan logs record low 840,000 newborns in 2020

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People keep bringing up all these external factors but the truth of the matter is Japan’s work/life balance is terrible. And they keep changing everything except for their toxic work culture


Japan is in real trouble: In just a few decades there will not be enough working adults to maintain the economy as it exists, more retired seniors than youth or working adults, and yet cultural barriers to immigration (the only possible source of labour) remain strong.


Two of those were mine, just doing my part.


Damn, it’s almost as if overworking and underpaying people kinda prevents them from having kids.


Vox had a recent podcast about this. Work culture is an issue but also gender roles. I.E. men culturally aren’t expected to help with house work raising children. Leading to most young women to decide against having a family and to pursue a career instead.