JPMorgan stops donations to GOP lawmakers who voted to overturn election

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> JPMorgan will resume political donations but will not give to Republicans who voted to overturn the election. > According to an internal memo seen by Reuters on Friday, a “handful” of the 147 Republicans who voted against certifying President Joe Biden’s win were previously receiving support from JPMorgan’s political action committee. Those donations will now be frozen. I’ll take it!


How about we just stop donations altogether?


For how long? I expect those donations to continue by this time next year. You know, just in time for midterms


And now watch things change. In other words, corporate lobbying speaks louder than voters. Lobbying needs to be abolished. It’s nothing more than a separate way for business to vote on politics, one the people don’t have a way of competing with.


How about all corporations stop making political donations period. Keep it to individual donations and put a cap on it. Politicians should be for the people, not for profit.