LPT: Have someone call your previous workplaces and ask for your own reference to get an idea of their true opinion of you

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Most businesses will only confirm that someone was an employee and sometimes the dates.


In the civilised world, references are simply where you worked, and when you worked there. ​ No issues about getting sued that way.


“Oh, yeah, I remember that asshole…”


There are no federal laws that say what a former employer can and can’t disclose about an employee. State laws can vary, but many states do allow your former employers to discuss information about your job performance and professional conduct. They can also disclose if you were fired and give a reason for your termination. Of course, because of defamation laws, employers must give references that are completely accurate or they face being sued by former employees. This is the primary reason why so many companies today refuse to give out any information besides: Date of hire Date of separation Beginning wage Ending wage Job title Each of these five things is totally objective. A company can prove that it was completely accurate and truthful with your job references if it only releases these five things. Many companies refer all letters and telephone calls about references to their HR department. They strictly follow the name, rank, and serial number approach to giving references. If your former employer gives out a bad reference that is false and you aren’t hired as a result, you may have a case for a defamation lawsuit.