LPT – When working in Excel, typing Alt+Enter will create a new line of text within the same cell.

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This also works well in chat windows where the default behavior for pressing Enter is “Send”. I make my IM messages more legible by adding these line breaks.


This also works in other MS Office products where it’s double-spaced formatting but you want a specific line single-spaced.


This is extremely helpful. Thank you so much for posting this LPT.


Excellent tip OP, here are a couple that I like: No 1: the F4 key repeats your previous action (in MS office for Windows). So if, for example, you’re making some cells bold or changing the background colour or number format etc., you can quickly repeat the action without taking your hands off the keyboard. Also useful for inserting multiple rows/columns of blank cells into a spreadsheet, and a host of other uses. Not all actions are repeatable, but many are. No 2: The ALT key allows you to input ASCII characters, which is great for quickly inputting symbols not found on a typical keyboard (things like ©️®️™️, degrees °, basic fractions, mathematical symbols or currencies like £ € ¥). There are various charts available online with the relevant codes for these characters.