Michael Flynn suggested at a QAnon-affiliated event that a coup should happen in the U.S.

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This is sedition. Not only is he saying that there should be a coup, but a coup *like the one in Myanmar*, which included (among other things) : * The indefinite imprisonment of their president and other cabinet members * Many civilians and children murdered by the military for the crime of protesting * The arrest and detention of thousands of protestors without due process These are things Flynn didn’t say “could” happen here, these are things Flynn implied *should* happen here….for Trump.


I’ll say it till I’m blue in the face. Right wingers want you dead. They dont just disagree, they want you to die. They pass legislation that actively leads to the death of LGBTQ people, POC and homeless people. And they do it with the support of pearl clutching, gun toting suburbanites who dream of nothing less than getting to use their precious guns against you in the streets. They dont care about freedom, they dont care about democracy, they dont care about America, they want this nation to be a Christian ethnostate and they’re waiting for one excuse or opportunity to get the ball rolling. Our country cannot survive this and we need to get ahead of them on this.


It’s time to recall this idiot and court-martial him. He is a danger to our democracy.


I *suggest* we throw him in prison for trying to encourage a coup against the US government.


This kind of talk can stir things up behind the scenes. Something should be done