Microsoft Bing raises concerns over lack of image results for Tiananmen ‘tank man’

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For ‘tank man’, it blocks the search entirely. For ‘tiananmen square’, it just shows pictures of it not involving the massacre. At least for the first few expansions I checked. But ‘tiananmen square’ does show it as a thumbnail in the suggested search for ‘tiananmen square massacre’, and if you search for that, you get tank man, pictures of bodies… obviously not censored. So my guess is some of their censorship filters accidentally got set to ‘everywhere’ instead of ‘Chinese IPs’. Of course if it’s not fixed soon, that’s a whole other issue. China was never going to be happy with just censoring topics for connections originating from their country. (I’m connecting from the US). Edit: I forgot it’s the anniversary of the event, and now I’m a little more suspicious about how intentional it was. Bug pops up just in time for the anniversary, then gets fixed after… Mmhmm.


>Microsoft said the issue was “due to an accidental human error and we are actively working to resolve this. Anybody else not believe this?


WTF! Google: tank man – get images of tank man (Tienanmen Square). Bing: tank man – get images of men in tanks!


I’m just wondering who used bing let alone used it enough to find this.


What bothers me is that this is the company who won the JEDI Contract to move all of the US’s DOD files to the cloud. And they are bowing to China? Not a good sign.