Nepal wants stolen antiquities returned from France

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No one read the article. These are antiquities stolen in the 80’s and are at an auction house in Paris to be sold. Considering their worth and the fact that these are clearly stolen goods, France itself will likely seize and then return the pieces.


The British museum is an absolute joke. A monument to global plundering in the name of the empire.


French here. We have enough art at home. We should send this to the countries we looted in the past


Man people really don’t read the article… this has nothing to do with the French government. These items were found at private auction houses, and the government of Nepal has rightfully requested their return.


France never was the controlling colonial power. Any novel acquisition or reversion of significant cultural artifacts must first clear all hurdles existing in the legal system of first jurisdiction. In Nepal: France is not, and never was, first jurisdiction.