Nevada governor signs bill permanently expanding mail-in voting to all registered voters

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We have (and have had) primarily mail in voting in Washington for *years*. It works, very well. I get my ballot in the mail and I sit down and read my voters pamphlet, I have time to do so. I don’t have to worry about missing events or work to vote. I don’t have to stand in line. I don’t have to listen to a bunch of conspiracy theorists. I get to educate myself on issues. I have time to look up extra things about initiatives if the voters guide doesn’t make it clear. And I get to vote, usually before a bunch of the slam/smear campaigns start. And then I get to ignore all the BS political ads for the last two weeks of the voters cycle. Why every state doesn’t do this is beyond me, it’s better for literally everyone. The only reasons to fight this is voter suppression and conspiracies.


But this will increase voter fraud! How? Well if everyone and their brother can just willy-nilly vote and put an envelope in the mail, then how can we ensure safe and free elections?! Huh? All these people are registered, and it just takes a simple check to ensure the validity of their vote? Nah, must be voter fraud! Let’s keep it 2 polling places per city, but one of them should have selective hours to protect its integrity even more! Which one? Uh…. well not mine because I can protect its integrity myself! So how about that one, with all…those kinds of people. Oh and make sure the lines are 8-10 hours long, and don’t let anyone give them food or water! And make sure they have to provide 2 forms of identification to register, just to be sure! America! Freedom! Trump! Integrity!


I hope this happens everywhere.


It’s the right thing to do. No matter how you vote that vote is one of the most important things each and every American has the right to do. Republicans trying to steal your vote by making it harder for you to cast it is beyond criminal and it’s going to backfire


So…I’m Active Duty for 17 years now and counting. How is this any different from what I do every election cycle? I put in a request, get verified, mailed my stuff to return it back with my vote. Shouldn’t people have the option to vote by mail? If those that argue this is a communist conspiracy then are they also referring to ~1% of US citizens who are military members that are overseas, on duty somewhere in the world protecting their freedoms? So I’m a communist because I can’t fly from the middle of the pacific on Election Day or from Afghanistan war zone on the same day? Voting regardless of how you submit your vote is a right by The Constitution for all US citizens.