Parking guy scratched my car. They admitted fault but want to bring the car to a crap of a body shop.

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Its a 2021 BMW. You need to take it to a BMW certified mechanic shop, whatever you do. Press that you want to go through your insurance instead and see how they react. If they don’t want to do it through insurance they are not being 100% with you. End of story.


They don’t get to tell you that “they’ll only pay the cheapest”. They’re at fault (and admitted as much) and you get to have a say in how it’s repaired. Tell them you want it repaired at a certified BMW place. Get a few quotes. If they don’t want to pay, loop in your insurance and they can deal with the valet’s insurance.


Take it to a dealer —they either have a collision center on site or have a very good body shop they send all of their cars to. They are in the wrong and don’t get to choose—you do and you have all the leverage in this situation. Threaten to go through your insurance—then the insistence company will subrogate for you. Also, don’t underestimate the cost of repair. When my X5 was bumped in a parking lot, the initial estimate was $2k. It turned into $6k very quickly after they pulled the damaged panel and found other minor damage.


Uh, isnt the whole point of having car insurance that your insurance will take care of this for you by fighting with SP+’s insurance?


Thank you everybody for the answer. Just adding the fact that I also have solid proof of their liability. The garage company sent a me signed letter where they admit fault, plus text messages with pics where the manager of the site explains how everything happened. I dk how much it can help.