Ransomware will now get priority treatment at the Justice Department – Directive comes as ransomware is exposing the fragility of critical supply chains.

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Way past due. This is a good thing. Thanks for posting.


Here is a simple way to deal with the ransom thugs. Print their pictures on flyers, offering $5 million reward for capturing them and turning over to the CIA. That will inspire the Russian mafia to do the job.


Thanks, cryptocurrency.


Critical Supply chains are a national security issue, Biden is being tested, he needs to come back with a big stick.


OK, I must be missing something… Why is it so easy to get ransomware into enterprise level networks? Do common operating systems have back doors in them from the “factory”? Are they exploiting deliberate operating system features, or are the users just too stupid to secure their mission critical equipment?…. If they are just “walking in” to an unlocked feature, this is the operating system maker’s fault.