Redditors with a lot of kids, why did you have so many kids?

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My step-grandmother had 13 and I asked her before she passed away “why”. She loved them all dearly and was a very attentive mother until basically her last day alive. It was non-stop work but she really enjoyed being a mother. One reason she said she had 13 was birth control either wasn’t available, safe, or effective for them. (The pill caused her sister to have blood clots and she didn’t feel safe taking them after her sister died in the 60s.) She also said she genuinely felt fulfilled having that many kids and she really loved seeing them grow up and start their own lives. And when I knew her, from age 12-29, she was a very happy lady who liked to stay home and watch her shows and see her family. She always treated me like I was part of her family, just like my stepmom has, so yeah. She liked having kids but I don’t think she would have had quite as many if she’d had better options in the 50s,60s, and 70s.


My mother has five. My youngest brother is 19 years younger than me. If you ask her, it’s a combination of two things. One, birth control didn’t work properly on her, so she would get pregnant even while on them (which leads one to ask why sne never used condoms, too), and two, she’s against abortion. Personally, I think she just liked having kids and kept having them because that gives her life purpose. I find it very hard to believe you had 5 kids by accident. One or two I would believe, but 5 is a pattern.


I have six siblings. I am pretty sure my parents kept hoping for the perfect child to arrive. In the end, the one who causes the less problems out of all of us is the adopted one with Down Syndrome. They should have started with that 😀


People keep leaving them unattended.


I know a couple with 10 kids between each other. She rebelled against her parents and moved away super young. Had 2 kids with a guy when she was 17 and 18. They eventually split, and she got pregnant while “having fun” in her 20s. Had two more kids with her husband, that she eventually cheated on, leading to divorce. Now, she fell in love with a guy that has a simliar story, and also has 5 kids from 3 different women. Between the two of them they have 10 kids, 6 different baby mama/daddies, a live-in nephew. They keep a huge calendar on the wall tracking what weekend each kid will be home, and when they’ll be at their other parents house.