Roadrunner (2021) – TRAILER for new doc on Anthony Bourdain [00:02:40]

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Anthony openly admitted that he suffered from a very bad case of imposter syndrome. He knew that he somehow got some lucky breaks, going from an ex-junkie journeyman chef, to being a TV star and dining one-on-one with President Obama.


I’m not sure I can watch this yet. I’m not one for celeb worship but his death really hit home I guess.


I am going to cry during this movie.


Still mad at ya. Still miss ya. Still love ya.


Don’t think of it as “How could he have killed himself if he lived this amazing life”. Think of it as “his amazing life bought him 15 more years than he thought he had”. People who kill themselves contemplate suicide for years, sometimes decades. Tony was always anxious and depressed, but his travel shows seemed to give him a temporary reprieve from those thoughts. Without No Reservations and Parts Unknown, he would have been out even sooner.