Separation of Church and Taco Bell

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Toss it on their Yelp and maybe report what I expect is a franchise location to corpo – it’s kinda deserved.


Reminds me of a restaurant we used to go to now and again. We went in one night and they were playing some country-fried Jesus bullshit. Now it was low enough I could ignore it, but didn’t care for the audacity. My gal is a recovering Catholic and religious abuse victim and doesn’t need to hear that sort of thing, especially against her will. I’m loathe to use the word, but yes it… triggers her. So we ask the waitress to send ’round the manager to request that the music is either switched or turned off. I knew we were in for trouble the moment the bull-faced manager waddled into view. She none-too-politely informed us that the corporation that owned the restaurant was a Christian company and that was the music they played. We’d never heard them play it before, but OK. Needless to say we never went back. The kicker? The placed closed down about a year ago. Turns out the head honcho of the company killed a guy 30 years ago and had been finally arrested for it. I gotta wonder how three decades of holy rollering is serving him now in court. The moral of the story? The holier they are the more they’re usually hiding. EDIT: Thank you for the silver! Certainly wasn’t expecting that.


Nice! Civilian justice for the modern age. Ever deal with an asshole on a highway…a specific flavor of asshole…picture the biggest factory stock pickup truck. Slightly oversize the tires. Add flood lights to front bumper. The guy doing 85mph in the fast lane, who just rides your tail and flashes 9,000 kilowatts of headlight in your rear view mirror. That guy didn’t exist when i was a courier in the early nineties. I’d already had a long-travel job and knew the cardinal rule: don’t fuck with bikers or truckers. They bring their friends to an ass-whuppin, and don’t comprehend “limits”. Couriers are kinda like truckers. I did 2500 miles a week. My coworker kept a bucket of dead D batteries in his console. He’d flip one over his roof if one of those assholes tried that. No cameras. Civilian justice.


I almost made a post about this exact thing earlier today. They do this all the time where I live. Especially, after the “*rise of trump*.” Religious music, sermons, fox news, hannity, and the like. Keeps the “*little people*” in their place if they know where the boss stands on certain things. It’s a mind game.


Geez I thought it was bad when the dentist’s waiting room had fox news on