Sheriff Claims Mayor May Be Behind Sex Toy Drone Attack Against Him

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The mayor responded, “It couldn’t have been me. I don’t give a flying fuck”


It would be trivial to put a little Bluetooth speaker or mp3 player on here and have it playing ride of the valkyries.


When you order sex toys on Amazon they may deliver them by drone.


Title could more accurately be “Sheriff Makes Baseless Claims Mayor Be Behind Sex Toy Drone Attack Against Him” Alas due to rule 1 we can’t even make accurate edits >1. Do not alter headlines; copy and paste. >That was the end of the story until the sheriff decided to hold a press conference on Wednesday where he accused the campaign of his rival, incumbent Mayor Tim Keller, of being behind the stunt. >After news of Dreyer’s arrest, the Twitter account @DongCopter505 released a statement saying Dreyer was acting independently and was not associated with the drone. >In the statement, the author claims that other video shows that Dreyer did not strike Gonzales and points out that had deputies on the scene been wearing on-body video devices, the incident would be available for public review. Gonzales previously refused to require cameras on deputies until a state law required him to do so.


I rarely ever hear of anything happening in Albuquerque. But when I do, it’s always weird.