Soybean oil consumption leads to genetic dysfunction, weight gain, and neurological disorders in mice.

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Am i stupid or is there no mention of the sample size of the test populations


> We postulate that neither stigmasterol nor LA (Linoleic acid) is responsible for effects of soybean oil diets on oxytocin and that Oxt messenger RNA levels could be associated with the diabetic state. Given the ubiquitous presence of soybean oil in the American diet, its observed effects on hypothalamic gene expression could have important public health ramifications. Soybean oil (a seed oil high in the omega 6 Linoleic Acid) but not the saturated fat in Coconut oil, gave mice diabetes and this impacted hormone levels in the hypothalamus. tl;dr Soybean oil isn’t proper food for humans or mice. Squeezing omega 6 laden soybean oil from seeds is unnatural and it is a driver of inflammation and diabetes. Sadly, Americans consume 80g a day (720 calories) of this dangerous fat daily (including other seed oils like vegetable). Olive oil is much better for you and coconut oil is as well.


>When compared to the Viv chow–fed mice, there were 228 hypothalamic genes that were significantly dysregulated in SO + CO and 138 genes in PL + CO–fed mice (Fig. 3A) (37). There was a smaller number of genes dysregulated in the 2 SO diets when compared to the isocaloric CO diet: 120 genes (87 upregulated and 33 downregulated) in SO + CO and 86 genes (82 upregulated and 4 downregulated) in PL + CO (Fig. 3A) (37). Can someone translate this? It looks like they compare like with like (SO + CO vs SO + CO).


Lots of Asian diets are rich in soy. Would we not have seen something like this sooner?