Teacher Who Said Using Trans Kids’ Pronouns Would “Defile” God Sues District

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Just another asshole using god to bring about his loving asshatery. I really fucking don’t care for people like this.


Didn’t realize an all powerful deity could be so fragile to be “defiled”.


New GOP candidate in 3. 2. 1….


Checked the bible: nothing about pronouns, or trans people. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Also no mention of Kangaroos, or Penguins. But whoever is in charge according to that booke doesn’t like shellfish, or pigs, or tattoos. Totally cool with genocide, slavery and rape though.


According to a random mouth piece, the supposedly omnipotent and omniscient male entity, whom has never been seen, or heard, by any living human being, is angry with how kids identify as and wants religious people all over the world to enforce gender roles.