Teachers of reddit what was a “I don’t get paid enough for this shit” moment for you?

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Being stabbed with scissors by a 4 year old. We had told the head teacher for a long time that this kid had issues and needed serious psych help (he had a horrific background which should have put him on the radar anyway). Head teacher said he simply needed breathing exercises and mindful techniques (I shit you not). We ended up having to photograph each other’s injuries everyday. Blame was put on us – we weren’t dealing with him appropriately etc etc. Eventually, during one of his moments (which happened daily), we called the head teacher. When she got there, we emptied all the other kids outside and left her to it (she insisted she could deal by herself). That afternoon, the child psychologists were called by the head! We took 8 months worth of daily assaults. She couldn’t do 8 minutes.


I teach high school math and, as many teachers do, had cafeteria duty periodically. Had a kid failing pretty bad in my 4th period(right after lunch) that hadn’t come to class in 2 weeks. It wasn’t too surprising, low SES school, student had home issues and really didn’t care much for school as a whole. I had called home multiple times before and got no response so I stopped about midway through Q3 when I realized, and informed the parents via voicemail, that he had no shot of earning credit for the year with how badly he failed the first semester (21%). In the last week of school, I saw him come into the cafeteria for the first time that quarter, hang out with his friends, play basketball, then leave towards the classrooms with everyone else. He took what I thought was the long route to my class and after 10 minutes of him not being in class I realized he wasn’t going to make it. Marked him absent and went on with my day. His mom finally returned my calls later that day to assert that her child went to school today and therefore should be passing. Had to take a deep breath before telling her that there are students who come to class every day and still aren’t passing, one day is just not enough, and further, he came into the building for lunch, played basketball, and left before 4th period started. She didn’t like that very much and called the principal. Principal ended up backing me up but it went on all Summer as the superintendent had to get involved. All the while that she was fighting my grade, said student hadn’t attended a single day of the Summer school class. I taught the Summer school class and he failed that too.


Lol, the wife is a teacher. She got told by one mom not to congratulate other kids on a job well done in the presence of her kid, as it made her kid feel bad not to be the best student. My wife put in notice because nut job mothers are ruining her mental health.


Probably the active shooter training when we were told we would need to equip our classrooms with a “toilet bucket” in case we had to put our classrooms under an extended lockdown. We were also told that our district would not purchase the toilet buckets, so we would have to supply our own.


I got paid 11$ an hour to teach piano (This was in 2007. This is unbearably low for the random hours you’re given, impossibility of full-time, and having to do tons of lesson prep outside of teaching). I had a mother who would put her ear up against the door of the room, for the whole lesson. The SECOND I would show an example (if I say “try positioning your hand like this” and I’d play the line from the piece) the mom would open the door and say “This is my daughter’s lesson, I want to hear less of you playing, thanks” And she would just fucking stand there!!! There was a secretary in the waiting room who I mentioned this to, and she says “she’s paying for the lesson” and sided with the mom. Also… this daughter was on the 3rd book from a beginner/primer series. The mom signed her up for the Grade 3 conservatory exam, and only told me after the refund period was up. She says “well, my daughter IS taking this exam” and I tried to make the comparison… like a kid doing “beginner class 3 ” of swimming taking a 3rd year diving exam or something. It just made ZERO SENSE and I don’t know where she even found the information!!! Fuck that was stressful!! And the pay!!! Not worth it.