Teen girl to be committed until age 21 for role in deadly DC Uber Eats carjacking

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What made this worse for me then it already obviously is was after the crash when the driver is dead or dying this girl was screaming about how she had lost her cellphone with no concern for anything else. Just immediately you could tell she had no remorse.


They knew exactly what they were doing, even had a stun gun ready. Murdered a man in cold blood who was just trying to provide for his family and all they cared about was grabbing their phone


> WASHINGTON – The 15-year-old girl who pleaded guilty to felony murder in the carjacking death of an Uber Eats driver in D.C. will be committed until age 21 to the D.C. Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services. The sentence was handed down Friday. > FOX 5 has learned that prosecutors dropped other charges after the plea was made. This is the maximum sentence she could have received. She was going to be released at 21, no matter how the shit came down. She got the better end of the deal, though, since she is just being committed to a psych ward instead of prison. However, that could work against her if the State/doctors determine she is still a problem. I think a 15 year, that commits murder, should be tried as an adult. You have enough capability in your brain to know that’s a fucked up thing to do.


Ah, yes. The “6 years in juvi for felony murder” sentence. A classic.


Don’t worry good citizens… she’ll be back in jail after 21 for some other crime.