Texas abortion ban targets anyone who helps patients get the procedure

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>”As far as rape, it’s hard to imagine anything worst than that; let’s punish the rapist, let’s don’t punish the little unborn baby,” Hughes said. Is it thought? Being forced to carry your rapist’s baby to term. Then giving birth to it. And then, since Texas will allow a rapist to have parental rights unless he’s convicted – and we all know how uncommon that is – you might be forced to let him stay in your lift for the next few decades. Me? I could very well imagine that being worse than the initial rape. And sure as shit I would consider it to be a punishment.


This will only hurt poor women. Women with means will just leave the state.


Texas, the state where wearing a mask is an assault on your freedom but forcing a rape victim to carry and give birth to her rapists unborn child is perfectly acceptable.


And stuff like this is how you get ‘backalley’ abortion clinics, which are actually worse than the nickname suggests.


> When it goes into effect on September 1, any U.S. citizen, whether they reside in Texas or elsewhere, will be authorized to sue any doctor in Texas they believe to be in violation of the law. So what I’m hearing is that if I find out a Texas Republican had their mistress get an abortion out of state, I, as an Oregon resident, can file a lawsuit under Texas law. Time to start keeping tabs on every Texas Republican.