Texas Republican leaders promised action on gun safety after the El Paso shooting. Instead, they passed permitless carry.

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> Gov. Greg Abbott swore to do “everything we can to make sure a crime like this doesn’t happen again,” proposing a slew of policies to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and other people who should not possess them. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick famously said he was “willing to take an arrow” from the National Rifle Association in order to pursue stronger background check laws. > > What happened instead was a whiplash-inducing pivot in the opposite direction. The Legislature, which ended its work Monday, passed House Bill 1927, allowing Texans to carry handguns without a license or training — an expansion of gun rights so divisive Republican leaders in previous years refused to touch it. Law enforcement groups vocally opposed the measure, worried it would endanger officers and citizens and make it easier for criminals to get guns. > > Abbott touted that the bill was “the strongest Second Amendment legislation in Texas history.” For El Paso lawmakers who spent days with Abbott, Patrick and others brokering gun safety compromises in the weeks following the attack on their hometown, it was a slap in the face.


If the answer to guns is easier to get and carry guns, why isn’t the answer to abortion’s easier to get and have abortions? Edit to add: if it’s too easy to vote, and too many people voting is a problem, then voting should easier so more people can vote.


Why is the Republican M.O. to look at a problem and think the best way to solve that problem is to contribute to it? I ask this as a former Republican. Granted, I defected in 2003, so a lot of time has passed. I just don’t remember the party being this illogical when I was a member. Hell, even Reagan could see that private ownership of machine guns was nonsensical at best and incredibly dangerous at worst, so he outlawed them. Where has that pragmatism been in the last fifteen years from this party? It’s like, “I’m really overweight, so I think the best thing I can do is eat more cupcakes.” That’s their logic.


look the republican repeatedly tout that its not a gun control issue its a mental health issue and I don’t think anyone can argue that to some extent that’s true. So why don’t we come together and pass a bill that ensures all Americans have access to affordable mental healthcare by passing Medicare for all.


These people also accuse Biden of opening the border and betraying the country because of changing some unethical Trump era policies. They see Democrats as responsible for illegal behavior by individuals when democrats even technically make a crime easier to commit, but I guarantee you they will not see Abbott as responsible the next time a mass shooter takes out 40 children. It will just be a tragedy that it’s too soon to comment on. They’re sick.