The Fastest Train Ever Built (2021) – In just a few short years, Japan’s SCMaglev will become the world’s fastest train in operation. But it is also one of the most expensive transport projects in history and an enormous bet on high-speed maglev, a technology that has yet to prove itself. [00:11:35]

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What would it take to prove itself? Don’t they have almost no accidents and improve time? Only other metric for success would be profit. But if it’s considered basic infrastructure, then cost to return should be a rewarding ratio over current systems.


Connecting the most populous metro area in the world to one that’s a little bigger than NYC, in 1 hour instead of 3, sounds pretty fucking awesome. IMO, while each country’s HSR system is amazing in different ways, Japan’s shinkansen remains head and shoulders above, even though I haven’t tried France’s yet.