The pandemic showed that Big Tech isn’t a public health savior

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Big *insert industry here* isn’t a public health savior. And if it is, it’s because it’s profitable.


I dunno. Because of tech I was able to quarantine for over a year and keep my job


The Pandemic Showed that The Grand Canyon is not a kitchen cabinet. Why are these articles just word salad?


Bullshit. How many jobs would have been lost if technology hadn’t allowed for remote work? How far behind would students be had there not been distant learning? How much more difficult would it have been for r&d and sharing of information in pursuit of a vaccine without “big tech”. Nope, simple minded folks focusing on bullshit Social media posts are somehow an indication that big tech hurt more than it helped.


I don’t think I know anyone who thought big tech was ever going to do anything to help during the pandemic. If anything they’ve done the exact opposite and allowed covidiots and antivaxxers a place to push their ridiculous opinions.