The Tank Man (2006) [01:25:34]

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“Tell the world” – unknown protester


Based PBS Frontline. I’ve always enjoyed the output of BBC and DW, but I feel like that Frontline is probably the best in terms of quality, even if it has far lower output.


Man so much has changed since 2006, id love a current day of this same documentary.


Chinese govt be like “ugh” edit: i was just making a fnf joke guys stop arguing youre tearing this family apart 😢


I’m not trying to compare honestly, but watching this and hearing about Tiananmen Square always makes me wonder if there is anything similar the USA has hidden from me successfully. Whether or not anything exists, I also wonder what other anti-USA states tell their people to convince them they are better. Like, do they show them videos of Flint Michigan water? Stuff that Snowden exposed? Like, what are the hardest blows they have against us, both real and faked.