TIL A psychologist adopted a Chimpanzee and raised it alongside their own human baby boy, to see if the Chimp could grow up to behave/think like a human. Eventually the Chimp hit a cognitive wall and no amount of training or nurturing could overcome the fact that he was a Chimpanzee.

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Says they cancelled the experiment when the human baby began imitating the chimp’s language and they feared stunting the boy’s development.


From Wikipedia: > Gua was brought into the Kellogg home at the age of 7+1⁄2 months, and reared with their son Donald, who was 10 months old at the time. For nine months the Kelloggs raised the two as “brother and sister”, and comprehensively recorded the development of the chimpanzee and the human child. When she was around one year old, Gua often tested ahead of Donald in such tasks as responding to simple commands or using a cup and spoon. Slight differences in their placement included people recognition. Gua recognized people from their clothes and their smell while Donald recognized them by their faces. > The parting difference came with language. Donald was about 16 months and Gua was a little over a year old when they had language testing. Gua could not speak, but Donald could form words. On March 28, 1932, nine months into the experiment, the Kelloggs officially ended it as Donald began to copy Gua’s sounds. Gua was returned to the primate center with Robert Yerkes in Florida, where she did experimental work with Yerkes’ wife Ada. The Kelloggs returned to Indiana. That is incredible.


Pretty sure I’ve hit that wall too


that chimpanzee is now one of the mods of r/wallstreetbets


I worked at a sanctuary that had some retired chimps that were raised this way and let me tell you they were fucked up. They were less well adjusted than the chimps raised by other chimps and had strange behavioral quirks and some were physically attracted to humans. Its really not a laughing matter though, it was pretty sad.