TIL, actor Hugh Laurie was one of the highest-paid actors in television drama, earning £250,000 ($409,000) per episode of televison series House.

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House was a really good show. Basically every episode was two parts. One part was the same episode every week. Patient comes in, mystery illness, diagnose and treat, patient gets better, patient lapses and gets worse. Then there’s the second part, which follows House and his deteriorating mental health from his physical disability, his relationships, his drug addictions, which progresses each episode and isn’t the same every week. But during these parts, you get the eurika moment that finally cures the patients in part 1. The doctor part of House is just the vehicle that carries the actual show, which is watching a very well acted grumpy ass, drug addicted, cynical, unlikable character descend into isolation due to those qualities


Well I mean he was doing an accent.


Better than getting lupus


Did House remain good throughout it’s run? I’ve only watch the first few seasons


his father was a doctor, and he had said it was funny how he was paid so much more than his dad for pretending to be one