TIL chimps have a closely related counterpart called bonobos. While chimps are violent and cannibalistic, bonobos are very passive and often appease each other with sex.

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They usually don’t have bonobos at zoos because they have too much sex


Bonobos have sex face to face. Missionary style


I guess humans chose both: violence and sex. Good thing we’ve (almost) dropped the cannibalism thing


“Peaceful Bonobos” are mostly a product of pulp culture and wishful thinking. While Bonobos are *less violent* than Chimpanzees, it’s important to keep in mind just how shockingly violent Chimpanzees are. Compared to humans, Bonobos engage in physical aggression at least 50x as much. The primary difference between Bonobos and Chimps is that, similarly to humans, Bonobos engage in coalitional violence to suppress attempted alpha behavior. This is one reason why Bonobo males are less violent than Chimp males, but Bonobo females are significantly more violent than Chimp females. This is especially prevalent when a new female attempts to join a Bonobo group, with the first few days posing an incredible level of danger to her until the group’s females accept her.


Bonobos also share food. Chimps will beat the shit out of each other for food. I worked with one bonobo who lived with chimps. Whenever all the male chimps would be doing their aggressive shit, especially during meal time, he’d just be quietly in a corner, waiting for the madness to end. He also likes to pass back and forth different plants and flowers and types of grass to smell and taste.