TIL mustard gas, which was used heavily during World War I, is not just a skin irritant but damages DNA by corrupting molecules in the strand. If the victim survives, the DNA damage can lead to the development of cancer.

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My grandfather was exposed to mustard gas. He had 4 different cancers in his over 35 years. At 89 he decided not to treat the last one. He said that he missed my grandmother (she died 4 years earlier from cancer) and that he was sick and tried of being sick and tried


Although this was most famously used in the First World War, it was also widely used in the 80s during the Iran-Iraq war. That war was shockingly merciless and it’s strange how rarely it is talked about.


During WW1, some soldiers were exposed to both mustard gas and pepper spray. They became seasoned veterans.


Husband’s grandfather was exposed to mustard gas in the Argonne Forest during WW1. He may have been exposed to phosgene gas as well. He survived, and because he was so young, he fought in WW2 also.


Skin irritant is a pretty generous way of describing a blister agent. Your lungs blister and then you suffocate through either asphyxiation or drowning in your own puss.