TIL of Henry de Bohun, a brave knight who thought he could kill Robert the Bruce on the open field because the King of Scots was armed only with an axe. Robert regretted the incident because he broke his favorite axe splitting Henry’s head.

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The Bruce has gotten a raw deal in recent years, with the whole *Braveheart* bullshit. That’s revisionist history on a level that’s hard to describe: like if you were reading a retelling of the Jesus story, and Jesus was a shitty sidekick of John the Baptist, and just happened to get all the glory later through no deeds of his own. Guy was a stone cold badass and a revolutionary hero. The joke is that a schmuck like Henry thought he had a chance.


I wonder if this story was the inspiration behind the game of thrones story king Robert told about the dumb House Tarly boy?


So apparently he charged Robert with a lance, and Robert just had his horse jump aside at the last second and then he got domed so hard his head/helmet split in half. Crazy shit yo, I would expect that from movies more than real life




Origin of the phrase, “I’ve got a splitting headache”.