TIL that a hairless cyclops deformed piglet was stillborn in 1642 and it looked so much like a local man, George Spencer, that he was brought before a magistrate on suspicion of unnatural relations. He confessed and recanted, but ultimately Spencer was hanged and the mother pig put to the sword.

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How ugly was old George that someone looked at a dead cyclops pig fetus and thought, “You know who that looks like. . .?”


My brain went – “I’ll click on the link cause Ive got to see a picture of how ugly this man is.” Like they whipped out a digital camera in 1642.


Imagine tomorrow, the farmer from up the road had a piglet that looked like you. Then your neighbors collectively decided that you were a pig fucker and murdered you for it. Almost 400 years later and the only reason we remember him is because of this.


“George, did you fuck a pig?” “Maybe…” “Kill ‘em!” “But not *that* pig, she’s ugly”


Wood floats on water, as do ducks. Therefore, if the woman weighs the same as a duck, she must be able to float on water, which means she is made of wood, and consequently must be a witch.