TIL that in 2000, 103-year-old Hal Haig Prieste returned an official Olympic flag he stole in a dare after finishing third in diving at the 1920 Olympics; for 77 years, the flag was kept in the bottom of his suitcase

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His parents must be very proud of his good deed


Give the guy a break, he was busy.


This reminds me of my uncle. He stole a flag from our home town when we was a young man. When the town had their centennial a couple years ago, he returned the flag. Think it was 50 years later. He took it after the 50th anniversary party. Climbed a power pole with just grip strength to get it.


Louis Zamperini stole a Nazi flag during the 1936 Olympics. He still had it when he died a couple of years ago. You can see the movie *Unbroken* about him.


Ah yes the renounced Flag Institute Organization