TIL that raccoons have extremely sensitive front paws, and often moisten objects to “see” them better with their paws (largely to determine if they are food).

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In German they are called Waschbären which translates to washing bear


I was just talking about the raccoon washing his cotton candy and being sad like 10 mins ago.


I heard a noise out in the garage one night and turned on the light to see a raccoon sitting up on his haunches on the workbench spinning a Bic pen with his fingers like he was some kind of baton twirler you’d see in a parade.


Raccoons are cute until they open up the garbage can, pull the trash bag out, rip it up and scatter garbage all over the yard.


I once held hands with a raccoon. I was camping. Sleep in a tent, I awoke to “someone” holding my hand through the thin tent fabric. I was so scared I could barely speak “Help” I choked out. “There’s someone out there”. My husband, after much prodding woke up. We opened the tent and discovered a raccoon, eyes aglow in the flashlight glare.