Two Billion People to Face Water Shortages as Ice on the World’s Highest Mountains Melts, Warns UNDP

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The Climate Wars will be kicked off due to shit like this.


Fun fact, aquifers are also being depleted at a unsustainable rate!


It’s melting and coming towards us. We can find a way to get hundreds/thousands of feet beneath the earth for some vroom vroom juice and processing it until it’s usable, but finding a way to collect drinking water that’s making itself more accessible is beyond our scientific comprehension?


Indians are very poorly placed to face the challenges they are coming up against. We prioritize tribalistic and religious matters higher than the very real issues before us. We are a largely impoverished, illiterate, backward, superstitious, and religious population who neither understand nor appreciate the scientific account of reality. We are doubling down on religious bigotry and internecine hatred, and our leaders only reflect the backwardness of our minds. Our gods in whose name we fight unfortunately won’t be around to help us when shit hits the fan. The elites who run the show know that they will be safe. They can exit India any time they want, leaving its wretches to their misery.


Where the fuck is all the water going?