Two drunk people are sitting at a bar having an argument about Coronavirus.

The first one says “You’re just trying to scare people. You don’t know anything.” The second replies, clearly fed up with the first, “I’m a doctor! I’m paid to know these things, I have a PhD and everything!” The first one slurs back, “Well ***I*** have a ***DhD.***” The second says, exasperated, “What the hell is a DhD??” The first cackles, “You’re some doc if you don’t know what ADHD is!”

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Two drunk guys were about to get into a fight, when one draws a line in the dirt and slurs, “If you cross this, I’ll hit you in the face.” That was the punchline…


Wow, didn’t expect to find an original joke here. Good one! Keep it up.


Here I was thinking it was a Stargate reference to a Dial Home Device……


Reddit Disclaimer: this joke does not mean I side with anti-maskers or Covid deniers.


Where do they send Jewish ADHD children? ~ Concentration camp.