UN: Cost of food rises at fastest pace in over a decade

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On an annual basis food prices were up 39.7% in May – the biggest month-on-month gain since October 2010 – according to the index. Can’t afford a home why do you need food?


The rising cost of food and other essentials such as housing is the ‘hidden’ inflation that 99% of economists and politicians do not talk about.


can of black beans used to cost me 35 cents. Now they’re 89. Bag of rice was $1. Now they’re $2. And yet, my pay has only gone up 3%.


Numerous industries have been disrupted due to lockdowns and such, shipping, food processing and retail being the key ones here, this lead to things like crop loss while waiting to transport which in turn raises prices.


oh good, now I get to be poor and starving despite working 40 hours a week! the American dream