United offers flight attendants, pilots extra pay for proof of Covid vaccination

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As a physician I may not disclose protected health information without the patient’s consent. United Airlines asking about a person’s health information has nothing to do with HIPAA


Before the idiots get here: This is not, repeat NOT a HIPAA (or HIPPA for the exceptional idiots) violation. EDIT: I should clarify that the Idiot classification for the misspelling was intended for people who didn’t know the spelling AND thought their rights were somehow being violated.


This is because there are countries that have laws against having unvaccinated people enter their country. If vaccinated crews can fly anywhere but unvaccinated crews can only fly some places, the vaccinated crews become more valuable to the company and therefor deserve more compensation.


first lotteries then scholarships, man i should’ve waited to get something out of the vaccination besides not dying from covid.


Imagine being a unvaccinated piece of shit, in contact with hundreds per day, while serving people food and drinks in a confined place