US Government report will say no evidence U.F.O.s are alien spacecraft but do not originate from any American military or other advanced U.S. government technology

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So, not aliens. But not us. Or any other superpower, and pulls off technically impossible feats? Sure glad they cleared that up.


At this point I’m expecting us to discover Atlantis and an advanced hidden earth species over ETs.


Well, I, for one, do not doubt the Americans are telling the truth!


A comment on NYT Article perfectly sums up how I feel. >The U.S. Navy just admitted that we do not have air superiority in our own airspace. > > > >Then they followed up that statement of fact by floating the possibility that China or Russia have (somehow) leapfrogged our technology by more than 100 years, and that they have had this technology since at least the mid 2000s, which would represent an unprecedented and utterly catastrophic U.S. military and intelligence failure. > > > >Of course, having that technology since the 2000s implies that they would have begun developing it no later than the 1990s. Given the state of both countries at the time, and the fact that China just recently unveiled their new J-20 fighter jet with pride (widely regarded as being an inferior design based on stolen U.S. technology), and that Russia’s military budget is less than 10 percent of U.S. spending, I find that conclusion improbable. And, of course, no one is in full-on panic mode. > > > >The report flatly states that this is not U.S. technology in origin. If true, it leaves only one plausible possibility.


“vast majority” =/ “all/none” They said “The vast majority of the 120 cases could not be linked to existing US tech or secret US projects” some sightings are identified as US secret projects