Washington mom subjected healthy daughter to 470 unnecessary medical procedures

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“470 unnecessary medical procedures,” and no one says anything, while my insurance company starts sending threatening letters if the doc uses two tongue depressors on me rather than one?!


The defense from her lawyer: Hartman’s attorneys deny the allegations against her, and say the girl was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease, “alternating hemiplegia of childhood (AHC), by an expert at Duke University and by a neurologist at Mary Bridge Hospital in Tacoma.” Hartman’s attorneys allege “the child has been evaluated and treated by the doctors at Duke for three years.” Hmm… I hope to see more on this.


I once met a Munchausen by proxy mom a few years before she was caught out. A friend of mine knew her and looked out for her family by giving her cash here and there and even employed her at one point. Her oldest got some of the extra doctor-ing, but most of the abuse was focused on her youngest who had a feeding tube put in at a very young age and was constantly in the hospital. I only met the kids once, but the younger one was so energetic and charming that it was hard to believe she could be so sickly. Before getting caught this mom had even upped the ante by finding a terminal cancer patient for a boyfriend and gorging on all that sympathy as well. She eventually alienated our mutual friend when it became clear she was a self-centered asshole, but it was still a shock once she got arrested and the full story emerged.


This woman needs to be in jail and every doctor who went along with this needs to be investigated and if records show no cause for the surgeries they should lose their license


Dam what an awful person. And the state let her adopt.