What advertisment completely turned you off to its product or service?

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There is a phone company here in Australia that runs an ad where two sisters/friends are shown partying and generally having a good time, then one gets diagnosed with an illness, presumably cancer. The camera cuts back and forth to one of them in a hospital bed and the other getting her long hair cut off, then an emotional reunion where the one with her hair cut off visits the one in hospital who has lost her hair. The tagline is “it starts with yes”. It uses the emotional trauma of terminal illness to try to get people to sign up for a phone service. Utterly disgusting.


Not a particular one, but I guess the amount of sponsors for RAID SHADOW LEGENDS got really annoying.


Any radio ad with a siren.


All time: Chevy “real people” Recently: that Kraft singles commercial with that stupid grilled cheese song


Just recently, I was alerted to a package I had to pickup at my main office, so I went down thinking a friend had sent me something. When I arrive, I get a flat amazon package (like the plastic one) with a brown envelope inside. When I open the envelope, its a request to leave a 5-star rating on the products amazon page and they’ll give me like a $5 gift card. It just seemed like so much effort and honestly kinda pissed me off.