What health apps do you guys use to keep an eye on your nutrition?

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For nutrition Myfitnesspal is pretty good. You can set your daily goals (carbs,protein,water etc…) and if you eat similar meals daily it’s pretty easy to enter/renter. There is also a feature to scan barcodes on virtually all foods/snacks to enter the data.


Cronometer. Even the free version is significantly better than any other macro-tracking app and has everything one would need for counting calories, macros, and micros.


Lose It. I’ve tried so many different apps over the years and I keep going back to Lose It because it’s simple and consistently works for me. It also seems to have a bigger database of food options – in other apps, I often run into certain foods not being found in the list of options and having to manually enter things in.


I am currently working on developing a plant-based meal planner app which generates meals automatically based on your nutritional targets and goals. We are hoping to launch our free beta tests in the next couple of months. – QuickThyme Nutrition, you can find our website on our profile info.