What is scarier than most people think it is? [serious]

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How quickly your life can change. One second, you’re going along great and bam you get in an accident and nothing is ever the same.


The ocean. Not sharks, thats like 10 ppl a year. No, the immense power the ocean has. One rogue wave, one slip into the undertoe, drowning happens a lot faster than you might think.


mental illnesses are romanticised, people who havent gone through mental health issues think it isnt that bad but its so scary


Insomnia. Because, well, most people don’t have it. So they don’t realize that it’s not a minor issue. It’s been proven that lack of sleep impairs you in the same way that being drunk does. Having insomnia is like being drunk all the time, plus hearing weird shit that isn’t there (when it’s at its worst) and being overemotional, having terrible memory, etc.


Suicide I hear a lot of people talking about “ugh I should just kill myself” “Killing myself would be so easy” As a suicide survivor, no one talks about the moments before and during an attempt, it’s some scary shit