What seemingly pointless or meaningless thing gives you that good, good serotonin release?

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I switched to a sunrise alarm; it wakes you up with light instead of sound, gradually brightening over a half-hour. (in before: I also thought it would never wake me up, I also thought I needed many loud alarms, I also was a person who hit snooze over and over again. Noise is a shitty wake up method, that’s why it works so poorly for so many.) The feeling of waking up by just gradually becoming aware that I’m awake, every morning, has me starting my day in a good mood very consistently. It feels good.


A good storm. None of this “it’s sprinkling a little bit” I mean a heavy rain with cracks of thunder that shake your bones.


I like complimenting strangers. It’s just a moment in the day where two people can feel good about themselves and usually my good days are an accumulation of these small, nice moments.


When my cat does the little “bbrrrrrt?” Thing when I pet her. Shes basically a serotonin factory Bonus points when she turns upside down and stretches. Cant help but smile after a long day


I drink random drinks out of wine glasses sometimes when I want to treat myself. Want some apple juice but have it fancy? Wine glass. Soda? Wine glass. Want some sparkling grape juice? Well you can’t just put it in a plastic cup! I got the idea from those people talking about their grandparents despairing over not using their fancy china, and they died having used it only once or twice in their lives. When they inherited it, they ate off the fine china all the time for an extra flair to a normal spaghetti or fish and rice night. Don’t hold out things for just a special occasion that you might never deem special enough, use the bath bomb you are saving, drink the fancy wine with the movie night, eat the nice chocolate you’re saving, wear the nice facemask even though you only have work the next day, drink orange juice out of wine glasses. Extra simple pleasures can turn a normal day into something special and can keep you going in hard times.