What’s a legit way to make a $100 everyday without a 9-5?

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These guys knocked on my door and asked $20 for re-painting the numbers on the curb. It was basically the only door to door sales pitch I ever was happy to get. I have no idea who I’d call to get that done. The price seemed fair. They were done in 10 minutes (instant service, not a scheduled out thing.) Get 5 a day, hell, 7 for the spray paint costs and lunch, and you’re set.




I used to host/teach Nude photography lessons in my home & back yard for photography enthusiasts. Model was $160 for two hours, had 10 “students” at $100 a piece for 1.5 hour lesson, two lessons on a day back to back. So $2000 -$320 for the model, another $50-80 on food platter and soft drinks. Around $1600 for the day clear, but I also onsold developing film and digital editing to make sure they got shots that made it worth it, usually added another few hundy and guaranteed follow up shoots. Why nudes? I tried advertising landscape & general photography lessons but almost no calls, added Nude to the listing and fkng bam, winner winner, chicken dinner. Stressful though, but only for 3-4 hours per week.


Dog walking. We pay our dog walker $20 plus I tip $5 for an hour long walk. He takes like 3 dogs at a time. Do 2 1h walks with a few dogs.


I am a cleaner, I earn 30$ an hour and only need to work 3 hours a day to live comfortably.